TDouglas Arts

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The artist, Thomas Douglas, specializes in studio arts, particularly in sculpture and painting. His sculptural mediums include brass, bronze, steel, copper, and a variety of stone, while his paintings and drawings are done primarily in ink, charcoal, and acrylic or oil paints on canvas and paper. 

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Artist Statement

    "What I am attempting to achieve by my sculpture is to tap into the viewer's subconscious. Almost all of my sculptures relate to the human form through either realism or abstraction. I relate to the human form by removing it altogether from my piece, leaving only the external. This gives the viewer the freedom to imagine the rest of the human form themselves. Thus my personal vision never controls the interpretation of the piece, as the viewer is left to create the majority of the image in his or her own imagination. 
    "My painting tends more towards restfulness rather than movement. I intend to create a place where the viewer can escape. I enjoy reproducing scenes that relax the viewer, possibly taking them back to a familiar place and time. My paintings also tend to incorporate the environment, thus encouraging the viewer to become one with his or her memories and environment."